Our innovative technology: virus protection with cold plasma

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Years of research, one result: The optimal protection against viruses and bacteria

Cold Plasma

A gaseous mixture of ionized molecules and electrons. Plasma is the so-called fourth state of matter next to solid, liquid and gaseous. It eliminates bacteria, viruses and odor molecules. Only electricity and ambient air are required to generate cold plasma. There is no waste material. Our sanitizers generate the cold plasma themselves.



Are made in our hand sanitizer from distilled water. The aerosols consist of tiny particles that cover the entire hand. Our perfect cold plasma aerosol mixture is so effective that it even reaches the areas between the fingers, under the fingernails and the space between the jewelery and the skin. Objects such as cell phones, keys, credit cards and much more can also be used. effectively disinfected.

Protection without alcohol

Our hand sanitizer does not require alcohol. Only electricity and distilled water are required for disinfection. This is characterized by a very low level of pollution and is nebulized into healthy aerosols. The mixture does not damage the skin’s own flora, but actually promotes it.

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How does our unique Air Sanitizer work?

The Air Sanitizer is also based on cold plasma technology. The plasma technology used creates a cold atmospheric plasma. Here, too, only electricity is required to generate the cold plasma. The health-promoting so-called hydroxyl radicals are then distributed throughout the room and disinfect the air in real time. Very easily.
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