Hand Sanitizer

sustainable innovation
for hand disinfection

The Hand Sanitizer eliminates up to 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses

on the hand, under the fingernails, on jewelry and on other objects

How hand disinfection works with the Hand Sanitizer

Only 3 steps and 15 seconds

Sustainable hand disinfection

We believe in a fair, environmentally friendly and at the same time efficient method of hand hygiene. That is why we are constantly guided by the three core components of sustainability:

Economics: A full tank provides more than 1,000 disinfection cycles at an average cost of 0.0004 euros per application.
Ecology: The refillable water bottle leads to significantly less plastic waste. At the same time, an enormous amount of water is saved when the Hand Sanitizer is used as a substitute for hand washing.
Social: We improve health and thus significantly reduce the burden on the healthcare system. Moreover, by manufacturing in Germany, we not only achieve the highest quality standards, but also create jobs in Germany.

Gentle on the skin and alcohol-free

The Hand Sanitizer only uses distilled water, ambient air and electricity for complete disinfection – without a drop of alcohol. Specifically, this means:

Smooth hands: The perfect mix of distilled water and plasma supports the skin's own flora. This keeps the hands soft and tender. Skin irritation and dehydration are avoided.
Dry disinfecting experience: It is hardly noticeable how the ultra-fine mist of distilled water and plasma wets the whole skin. The experience is dry, hands are not wet and sticky as with traditional chemical products.
Nice smell: After the disinfection process, the hands smell fresh and pleasant. No harmful alcohols are inhaled.

Highest quality – Made in Germany

The hand sanitizer bears the “Made in Germany” quality seal. Because it is about the well-being of the people and the avoidance of diseases, we pay particular attention to the quality of our components and partners:

99.999 % disinfection: Results from accredited German laboratories demonstrate 99.999 % efficacy following EN 1500.
Handmade in Germany: The production of the Hand Sanitizer takes place in Germany.
Patented hand disinfection of the future: The Hand Sanitizer is described as the "cornerstone of tomorrow's hygiene concept". It is the world's first hand sanitizer to use cold plasma technology in combination with nebulized water. The Hand Sanitizer is a must-have for any progressive customer for whom hand hygiene is important.

Our Hand Sanitizer Black & Gold Edition

disinfects your hands with an extra dose of luxury

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