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Cold plasma is an ionized gas that consists of different particles. Some of these parts are called hydroxyl radicals. These have a disinfecting effect. They have been shown to dry out the cell walls of native bacteria and enveloped viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2). Only ambient air and electricity are required to generate cold plasma. The cold plasma is generated in our devices with the help of a special and patented cold plasma source. There is a corresponding explanatory video on our YouTube channel.

Microbiological effectiveness tests according to DIN-EN 1500 were carried out. The tests show that 99.99% (Air Sanitizer) and 99.999% (Hand Sanitizer) of the native bacteria and enveloped viruses are eliminated. A properly carried out hand disinfection according to EN 1500 reduces the germ load so much that the remaining germs no longer represent a potential danger. Cold plasma also has the important property of removing odor molecules.

The effectiveness of the products has been confirmed on the basis of German accredited laboratories based on DIN-EN 1500. In addition, tests for electromagnetic compatibility (EMW) and electrical safety were carried out by German accredited laboratories. Detailed test reports and certificates are available for this.

Yes, there are worldwide patents.

No. Our devices suck in minimal amounts of ambient air and guide it through the atmospheric cold plasma source. The aim is to generate the hydroxyl radicals that have been shown to have a disinfectant effect. German accredited laboratories have checked and confirmed that the emissions from our devices are extremely low and are absolutely within the legal requirements. The devices are proven to be harmless and harmless to health.

Yes, the tests were carried out by a German accredited laboratory.

Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer is delivered fully equipped (including air filter, reusable water bottle with 500 ml distilled water, valve cap and power supply). All you need is a normal socket and a suitable space. We also offer a roller base or a wall bracket.

First of all, the filter must be inserted on the underside of the device. Then the valve cap is screwed onto the bottle instead of the normal cap. The bottle can then be placed vertically in the device. Before the device is started, the cap must be placed on the device. The device can be switched on using the On / Off button. The device is now ready for use. The disinfection process starts automatically as soon as the user puts his hands in the device. You can find detailed assembly instructions on our YouTube channel.

The Hand Sanitizer is available in the Basic Edition with a white-blue housing and bilingual instructions in German / English. For a more exclusive ambience, there is also the Black & Gold Edition with a matt black and gold case.

When the device is switched on, the device hums briefly and the On / Off button lights up orange. As soon as this lights up green, the device is in standby mode and only starts the official disinfection process if it is activated by the built-in sensors in the two openings. If the hands or any other object (e.g. mobile phone) are held in at least one of the two openings, the process begins automatically. A fine mist appears.

The hand sanitizer only needs ambient air, electricity and distilled water. The power consumption in standby is approx. 2.3 W. In operation this is a maximum of 43 W. With a usage time of 15 s, this corresponds to 0.18 Wh per application. More than 1,000 applications can already be implemented with 500 ml of distilled water.

The orange light flashes when water needs to be topped up.

In this case, please contact us or the authorized service partner, we will immediately take care of a proper repair or a replacement device.

The water should be removed from the device via the water outlet (see operating instructions).

Once the water is empty, the reusable bottle simply has to be refilled. The hand sanitizer basically works for about 3 to 5 years. In order to extend the service life of the device, we recommend changing the filter on the underside of the device every six months. The filters are available from WK-MedTec.

In principle, the use of distilled water prevents the device from calcifying. Therefore, water with a conductivity of less than 10 μS / cm should be used. Classic, over-the-counter distilled or demineralized water usually meets these requirements.

The examinations are based on certain medical standards (EN 60601-1: 2006 + A1: 2013 and EN60601-1-2: 2015). Furthermore, the EU directives 2014/35 / EU (on electromagnetic compatibility) and 2014/30 / EU (on electrical equipment for use within certain voltage limits) are met.

With us directly via the contact form. Are you a distributor and would like to add our unique hand sanitizer to your range? Then feel free to contact our Marketing Manager Isabel Oberbeck by email (isabel.oberbeck@wk-medtec.de).

Our hand sanitizer was developed before the outbreak of the global corona pandemic and was therefore intended from the outset to revolutionize hand hygiene and make it sustainable. Nevertheless, we are currently in a global emergency, so we generally recommend placing the hand sanitizer wherever strangers come together, for example in entrance, passageway and waiting areas. Our recommendation is aimed at hotels, restaurants, event locations, cultural institutions, massage and beauty salons, educational institutions, airports, retail, apartment and office complexes and much, much more. We are also in favor of widespread use in industries in which a particularly high level of hygiene must be guaranteed, such as in nursing, with visitors to hospitals and medical practices or employees in restaurant kitchens and in industry. The number of devices required depends on the spatial conditions and visitor frequency. We would be happy to discuss this with you individually.

The unique mixture of the cold plasma with atomized water increases the effectiveness on the hand and other objects. The fine mist reaches every tiny spot and even gets under jewelry and fingernails. Objects such as cell phones, keys and jewelry are not damaged. So there is no discoloration of the skin or metal. In addition, the automatic and simple handling ensures greater process reliability. Our patented technology only eliminates the “bad” germs. Your own skin flora is not affected, which means that your hands remain soft and healthy. Did you also know that plasma technology is also used in wound healing? That means it is also beneficial for damaged and injured skin. Alcohol-based products cause uncomfortable burning, long-term destruction of the important skin flora and thus dry, cracked and irritated skin. The longevity and easy maintenance of the hand sanitizer also save money in the long term. At the same time, the hand sanitizer is a great alternative for normal hand washing, which unfortunately too often is not done adequately. This also saves water.

Air Sanitizer

Our Air Sanitizer is shipped securely packaged together with the power supply. All you need is a normal socket and a suitable space. Alternatively, the small Air Sanitizer can simply be mounted on the wall with the usual tools.

The Air Sanitizer only needs to be connected to normal electricity using the power adapter. The device can be switched on using the On / Off button.

The Air Sanitizer is available in the basic and in the pro version. Both require a standard 240 V (50/60 Hz) power supply. The Air Sanitizer BlueTaction Pro has a touch sensor with an on / off button. The Air Sanitizer Bluetaction is in operation as soon as it is connected to the socket. The devices differ as follows:

Air Sanitizer BlueTaction: 21 x 21 x 7 cm / 1.5 kg / 6 W / 22dB / for rooms up to 40 m 2

Air Sanitizer BlueTaction Pro: 21 x 21 x 69 cm / 5.0 kg / 15 W / 32dB / for rooms up to 90 m 2

The cold plasma cannot be felt and is “poured” almost noiselessly into the room. Nevertheless, you can hear a faint hum. If you hold your hand a few centimeters in front of the device, you can also feel a minimal draft of cold air. Initially a “clinical” smell is characteristic, which arises from the oxidation of the bacteria and viruses.

An oxidative process takes place in the elimination of existing viruses, bacteria and odor molecules. This creates the “clinical” smell. This odor can develop, especially in the first few hours. In the long term, however, the disinfection then takes place in real time, so that this oxidation and odor development is low. The Air Sanitizer has been proven to generate fresh air – if you stand right next to the device, you have the feeling that you are standing next to a waterfall. The smell will decrease after a few days. The great advantage of the Air Sanitizer is that other odors are greatly reduced, e.g. from smoking or cooking. It also ensures pleasant air in rooms that are difficult to ventilate or in rooms in old buildings.

The Air Sanitizers are completely maintenance-free! There are no filters full of viruses and bacteria that have to be disposed of (in a certain hazardous waste!). We only recommend wiping the interior of the cold plasma source with a cloth after about 2 years in order to remove any dust that may have accumulated and to extend the service life of the device a little. As a rule, our Air Sanitizers last around five years.

Our Air Sanitizers are designed to ensure that people feel safe again in closed rooms – even without a mask. We want to make indoor air hygiene more sustainable. We are currently in a worldwide emergency, so we generally recommend that you place the Air Sanitizer wherever many and especially strange people come together, for example in waiting areas, any institutions, hotels, restaurants, event locations, cultural facilities, massage and beauty salons , Education, retail, office, and many, many more. The imagination knows no limits. We strongly advocate widespread use in order to use another instrument for a pandemic-free future. At the same time, the Air Sanitizers are particularly suitable for public toilets and restaurant kitchens, especially because of their odor removal. Private customers can also make their own home that little bit safer. The number of devices required depends on the spatial conditions. We would be happy to discuss this with you individually.

The Air Sanitizer works continuously and eliminates in real time. Likewise, no waste products are generated, as is the case, for example, with devices with Hepa filters. The Air Sanitizers are completely maintenance-free and use very little electricity. They are also mobile and light instead of being big, heavy and bulky. The barely noticeable humming does not interfere with studying, working or sleeping.

With us directly via the contact form. Are you a distributor and would like to add our unique Air Sanitizer to your range? Then feel free to contact our Marketing Manager Isabel by email (isabel.oberbeck@wk-medtec.de).

In this case, please contact us or our Service Point. We will take care of a replacement device or a proper repair immediately.

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