Air Sanitizer

The air purifier
for fresh and clean air
in closed

Maintenance and care free
Health Promoting
Whisper quiet
Eliminates up to 99.99 % of bacteria and viruses in the air

How air cleaning works with the Air Sanitizer

99.99% of all bacteria and viruses are eliminated


Reasons for the air purifier from WK MedTec


Clean and fresh air
no more masks necessary
Whisper quiet


Elimination of 99.99 %
Neutralizes odors
Disinfection in real time

Maintenance free

Cold plasma instead of Hepa filter
Simply connect to the power
Simple operation via touch

Cross-industry air purification

Hotel & gastronomy
In the room, in restaurants or in conference rooms
Office & retail
In every business. From the pharmacy to the grocery store. And in the office anyway.
In waiting rooms and treatment rooms of practices, dentists, hospitals, senior facilities, therapy centers and all facilities for health and care
Daycare centers, schools and universities
Everywhere where people learn and play together again
In service facilities of all kinds. From hairdressers to dry cleaners to massage parlors.

When returning to a normal life, high-quality, clean indoor air plays an important role. A room air system should not only be effective, but also be quiet and economical. The Air Sanitizer meets all requirements. If you compare the Air Sanitizer with traditional air cleaning systems, the differences quickly become clear. There are no filters that have to be replaced and there are no strong eddies that spread bacteria and viruses in the room rather than destroy them. The Air Sanitizer eliminates germs as quiet as a whisper and in real time at the source, so that concentrated work is still possible. With our two devices, we offer you optimal solutions for different rooms. The small Air Sanitizer BlueTaction disinfects rooms with a floor area of up to 40 m². The larger Air Sanitizer BlueTaction Pro disinfects rooms with a floor area of up to 90 m².

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