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About Us

This is
our story and our journey

Our core values

With this we identify

„Made in Germany“ is not a simple brand slogan, it is a tradition. With tradition comes a responsibility that we want to live up to. We see it as our task to create products that are not only highly functional and durable, but also inspire pride and joy in our customers.

We believe that people love products that are self-explanatory. How good can a high-quality product be if it is not easy to install and simple to use? Our goal is to develop products that make complex technologies seem simple.

We believe that innovation is the key to tomorrow’s world. It is important to create products that take into account all three components of sustainability. We value ecology, economy and social issues.

Our Motivation

We live in a world where impeccable hygiene has become a non-negotiable must in every aspect of life. Whether we are travelling, eating out or working. People expect the presence of hygiene measures everywhere. This is the new standard.

We have made the following observations:

More than 50 % of the people who want to use a disinfectant station find it empty.
9 out of 10 of the people who use liquid disinfectant apply it incorrectly.
The majority of users complain about the unpleasant smell.
Dermatologists confirm that alcohol-based disinfectants can cause long-term skin damage with repeated use.
Many air purifiers are bulky, noisy and require high maintenance.

We asked ourselves a very simple question: How can we do better? Can we use the three core values of our company to create products that are fully functional, easy to use and sustainable? The products should redefine the standards of daily hygiene.

Wilfried, our founder, has been successfully answering similar questions in medical technology for over 40 years. He started his career as a civilian mechanic in the German Armed Forces, and in the 1980s he began to transfer the proven basic principles of German aviation technology to the field of medical technology. Wilfried has developed „blockbuster products“ for decades.

When he saw the potential for innovation in hand hygiene, he turned to Timon and asked him a simple question: „Timon, will you help me bring the Hand Sanitizer to the world?“ From a loving, ambitious conversation, WK-MedTec was born. A company whose mission is to make people’s daily lives safer, easier and more enjoyable. WK-MedTec’s goal is to develop products that incorporate the following components: Quality, simplicity and sustainable innovation.

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